Athletes can greatly benefit from a regular yoga practice.  Football players. Swimmers.  Hockey players.  Tennis players.  Runners.  Bikers.  Gymnasts. 

You can apply these same benefits anytime, anywhere, to any one, and everyone.  

Yoga can improve your game and make hitting the ball harder much more effortless.

This ancient discipline can improve your strength, flexibility, and balance.  It can also help you develop greater focus and mind control. 

Tennis can throw your body out of alignment, particularly causing strain and injury to the wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and spine. Yoga focuses on re-balancing the body, creating symmetry. These benefits result in increased strength, a greater range of motion, and reduced risk of injury. 

Additionally: Yoga's emphasis on breath control and mind-calming techniques which will add mental power to your game.


Well Tey as you know yoga not only benifits athletes, but hikers like me I got to do one today!! Yay the weather was sunny and 60 degrees! And I done some sun salutations before that so a great day all in all!!

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