When I teach a yoga asana (posture/pose and breath work) class, I often mention that Yoga means to yoke.  Body, mind, spirit connection.  Union with out True selves, which, in yoga philosophy, is Peace (Shanti), Bliss (Ananda), Prem (universal Love), Divinity, or whatever you may call it.

After a class today, a student said to me, “Good work out Tey!”

I suppose she was being complimentary.  But all she got from my class was a work-out, then, I didn’t teach her “yoga”.  But I also know what this particular person, does not come to class for the true meaning of yoga.  All she wants is, yes, a workout.  

Yoga isn’t a work-out.  It is a work with-IN.

I hope, that when you take a “yoga class”, you get more than a work-OUT.

Happy holidays!  Happy weekend!

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