“I HAVE to tell you.” my 86-year-old student said to me before class started.


He was smiling, so I guessed that it wasn’t anything bad.


HE FELL!  Slipped Christmas day due to a wet surface at his daughter’s house. 


It was a beauty to watch him speak about it.  He had the most peaceful facial expression (plus a big smile) as he described the fall.  He illustrated the scenario a few times, as we laughed about it.  And EVERY time, I witnessed nothing but peace and acceptance.  BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the fall. 


“It’s yoga!.”  He proudly announced to his daughter, who was just horrified at the sight of her father falling.   


He told the story as if WHILE he was falling, he was comforting his daughter.  That it was FINE.  He had YOGA on his side.


Moments, such as these, make me in awe of the benefits of yoga. 


Thank you Vaughn for the advice. You're a young 58! I think that 50's is the new 30's :)
The fear of falling makes people do all the wrong things while falling. They tighten their muscles and hit harder. To roll with the punches like a drunk driver surviving a horrible car accident only because they are limber. So never be affraid to fall. I rollerskate and snow ski and I am a very old man 58 years old.
That's a smart move for him!
The man I work with he took classes after his fall in the spring that hurt him, he took classes on How to Fall correctly so if he stumbles or falls he has a unique way of rolling to protect his body the best he can! It's real cool how you can learn to fall safely have a great night

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