It’s amazing how we THINK we are Stuck.  Though we can always MOVE.  As a matter of fact, I think we should ALWAYS move.  

Recognize where you are “stuck”, or unable to move.  Just One thing at a time.

What would you Need to move?  

Money?  Time?  Space?  Love?  Understanding?  A friend?  Courage?

Do you REALLY want to move?  Or are you just thinking that the grass is greener elsewhere?  Do you really Need to move?

Once you’ve decided it’s what you have to do.  Take steps.  




Yes the 'mind' does strange things. "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" is a good read regarding this. Happy day!
It's amazing that we can start thinking we are stuck in a particular situation, I've been there saying well I can't move and make it better the mind tell us strange things, I used to be like its not going to me no good to move, money unfortunately moves to quickly lol and time goes too quickly, what I want for now is winter to move on quickly it's still cold here and been that way since before the new year!! And I'm always in need of more courage expecially with my work I feel stuck in it and can't move much and that's how many feel in the world today so right now I deal with that part and make the money I need to make!... Good write up Tey Have a great Sunday:)))

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