Develop an Abundance mentality.  


This could be really tough, especially when things aren’t going as planned.


But know these:


YOU’VE GOT TIME.  You always have time.  It is never too late to start.  

YOU’VE GOT ENERGY.  When you’ve got passion, you’ll find the energy.

YOU’VE GOT MONEY.  If you are healthy enough to move, to think, you’ll always have money.

YOU’VE GOT GOD.  Trust.  The universe will guide and provide.  Just release the need to control everything.  


Whatever it is that you think you lack — YOU’VE GOT IT!



Hi Tey thanks for the reply on this and I thank you for each word And yes I'm breathing more today and today has been Better these days just hit sometimes and it's hard to wrap my head around all of it, I do budget pretty good but have slipped a little which I normally don't do, I'm stronger than this but even strong fall down sometimes and felling alone is something I have struggle with in my teen years, shyness and nervousness I had to overcome, I am going to make this Christmas the best I can make and be around friends and what family I still have on my side see the Harrington side is pretty much gone but my sister in New York, I'm not a depressed person like on meds or anything it's just life can get hard I guess sometimes thanks for Caring I really wish I could talk to you but I know I can't I'm not putting that on you , have a wonderful Christmas just know this makes me feel better have a great night:)
I'm sorry your mind is screaming this to you right now. How about those deep breaths? I'M BREATHING IN... I KNOW I'M BREATHING IN... I'M BREATHING OUT... I KNOW I AM BREATHING OUT... Money comes and goes. Maybe you'll need to budget better? I don't know, I'm just throwing ideas out here. Business can pick up at any time. And teenagers will always be tough. Life has it's ups and downs. Ride the wave. Some days are good. Some days -- not so good. But don't throw in the towel. "If life on earth is temporary, then why do we think that our problems are permanent?" Every day holds new magic.
Nothing seems to be going good with me Tey it's not turning out to be a very good Christmas season for me it seems mentally, I feel lim I don't have this, I haven't talked on here with you it seems in weeks I hope I haven't said anything that's out of line, I'm trying and I keep taking 10 steps back soon as I get 10 steps forward, hopefully you'll read this and give some advice or something lol it's just been hard money wise, a daughter that's not cooperating with me I feel by myself, seems like I do a lot for others and get nothing in return at all, I felt well maybe if I help and give I will be rewarded for good deeds and maybe so, maybe it will come later anyway I've missed seeing any comments from you I know you are busy you actually have a life! Anyhow have a merry Christmas to you and stay safe:)

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