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Classical Sun Salutations with the 12 Mantra Chants - 45 min Explore your Body, your Breath, your body & breath Together. Deepen your practice to include the 12 Mantra Chants that coincide with the 12 positions of the spinal chord. I encourage you to practice at a level of SELF CARE.


RELAX: Restorative Yoga meeting ID#301-080-6528

Relax & Meditate into You: Restorative Yoga Poses - 1 hour This class celebrates the art of relaxation. Deep breathing, Chants and Mantras will be used to find the Rhythm of you body, Rhythm of your breath, Rhythm of the music. No props needed but feel free to use blankets, pillows, blocks. No experience necessary. All levels. RELAX & MEDITATE into you No experience needed. Open to everyone. COST: Donations can be made via Zelle/ChasePay or Venmo using


Breathing Exercises -Kapalabati & Anuloma Viloma - 30 mins

PRANAYAMA is the practice of controlling one's energy by controlling the Breath. One of the most Powerful tools for Mental Balance, Control, Stress Management -- Creating a more Peaceful mind, Increased Energy, and an Overall Well-being. AFTERWARDS Feel free to stay for an hour Yoga ASANA practice

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Join Email List & Receive a CD! Happy Holidays!!!!

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