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Stripped sound to sparse acoustics showcasing both warm, soulful, sultry vocals and quirky, raw songwriting

press on Tey:

“You really should do yourself a favor and order this CD and take a chance on one hell of a talented young lady. One of the best albums of the year is her 'On Me Way To Me'.” - EntertainmentVine.com

“Tey is a raw talent. A multi dimensional artist with a goal in mind to give the world a little bit of her world.. Only a true lover of music and artist can make you feel so good to listen to her.. You can turn off the radio and just pop in your mp3 player and sit back and enjoy what Tey has to offer.” - Urban Mainstream Magazine

“Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sexuality and a palpable soulful influence..” - Music Connection Magazine (names Tey one of TOP Independent Artist of the Year)

“There isn’t a whole lot of really good independent pop music out there, thankfully Tey is changing that.” - 1340mag

“Top to bottom, this could be a breakout and major label level album, it’s that good.” - The Here & There Zine

“As a vocal stylist, Tey definitely delivers, with an evocative and breathy phrasing that wrings emotion from every line.” - ChristmasReviews.com

“It’s great to see a commercial artist come through who’s the real deal. I love Tey Punsalan and so should you!” - Street Voice UK Music Magazine

“Very nice and chilling.” - Autona Magazine

“She combines a voice that’s as rich as dark chocolate with a look that could melt even Chicago’s notorious winter ice. From Aretha to Sade, Tey’s vocal styling ranges from brassy R&B to seductively cool.” - Armed Forces Entertainment

“..the fact that Tey can breathe technique and sensuality into the mix with equal skill ensures that she’s going to be around for a long time.” -Shotgun Reviews

“Tey Punsalan possesses a unique voice that is simultaneously beguiling & altruistic in nature.. Tey is an entertainment enigma that defies description.” - United Global Artists

“BOTTOM LINE: High Caliber of Talent…. Excellent Musicianship….. Vocals to capture your heart and soul….. Messages in each song that can be identified by someone – somewhere at anytime…..” -Southbound Beat Magazine

“..has an amazing voice.. She has the kind of voice our mainstream pop-princesses should be envious of” -Pucknation.com

“Tey’s music will keep you moving.” -Kweevak Music Magazine

“Top Asian Album of the Year “ - Just Plain Folks

“Captivating singer and songwriter..” -Gibson.com

“There is no criticizing a voice like Tey’s.” -Bryan Farrish Radio

“Tey’s voice is sweet and simple – with timbre that will at once remind you of more intimate and delicate Janet Jackson, Madonna, Kylie, and Abdul.” -earbuzz.com

“Tey Punsalan: A Compleat Entertainer” -Manila U.S. Times

“Makes pseudo echo sound like lyrical geniuses.” -Ink 19

“At last, twenty-something gay ad execs and their seventy year-old-casino-loving grandmothers have an artist they can both enjoy…” -Splendid Magazine

Irresistibly combining raw, unbridled sensuality with a rich, soulful voice that her thousands of excited fans have compared favorably to everyone from Aretha Franklin to Sade, Philippine born, Chicago bred L.A. transplant Tey is truly a musical citizen of the world.

Tapping into the passions of grooving R&B fans across the globe, Tey’s infectious soul/pop vibe has been a mainstay in DJ record pools and a hit on internet and terrestrial radio stations across the U.S. (from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to Texas and California) and Europe since the release of her sexy dance-oriented debut Take Me High in 2004. Working with hit pop producer Rene Van Verseveld (whose credits include the smash hit “Pump Up The Jam” and numerous projects by Enrique Iglesias), Tey has kept her integrity as an indie artist strong while building career momentum with a her follow-up releases, including a mostly Tagalog language CD (with the hit English single “Mouthful of Love”) and her 2006 disc “That’s How I Feel Tonight” (which included a critically acclaimed cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”). The title track from Tey’s latest 4-song EP Tell Me hit the Top 10 on stations like Reading, PA’s WXAC, rising among hits by superstars like Alicia Keys, J. Holiday and L’il Wayne. The EP also features a dreamy, seductive hip-hop take on “I Will Always Love You.”

A big draw wherever she performs, Tey has sung and danced for audiences throughout her adopted home state of California, including popular Southern California venues like B.B. King’s, The Derby, The Joint, The Pomona Fairplex and Hollywood Park Casino. In 2007, the multi-faceted singer, dancer, model and actress—whom United Global Artists calls “an entertainment enigma that defies description”—left her home base and was a smash hit entertaining U.S. troops (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) in six countries, including three military bases in a heavily war-torn Afghanistan (where she did combat landings and wore a bulletproof vest), the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kyrgystan and Djibouti, Africa.

Winning over crowds wherever she and her band and crew of dancers performed, she earned numerous raves from the U.S. Armed Services, who said, “Tey combines a voice as rich as dark chocolate with a look that could melt even Chicago’s notorious ice. From Aretha to Sade, her vocal stylings range from brassy R&B to seductively cool.” Tey says, “Everyone has different opinions on the wars going on, but my tour was all about realizing that the men and women fighting over there are real people who have feelings, needs and truly need connection with people. It was refreshing for them to see us perform in civilian clothing, and we were able to bring some joy and fun to them while reminding them of home.”

Though she grew up with great musical ambitions driven by her love for everyone from Aretha and Barbra Streisand to Sade, Natalie Merchant, Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston, Tey began her career as a model, winning Miss Asia Midwest and quickly segued into acting. Launching her film career with “Broken Rose”, Tey has also been in the films Shoe Shine Boys, Snuffing Cinderella and X’s & O’s; she loves both comedic roles and those who allow her to play dark characters. She also hit the road with “Aspects,” a two person show that promoted diversity.

While her talent and ambitions in many art forms clearly knows no bounds—she’s also a promotional whiz and entrepreneur who has marketed her brand with products like hats, posters, and T-shirts and such--Tey’s truest heart lies in bringing the world joy through her unique music. She’s truly lived up to Music Connection’s billing of her as “one of the top hot artists of the year” when the publication heard her early albums. “Working with Rene in the studio has helped me become very comfortable in the studio and has brought out my softer vocal instincts,” she says. “I think all of my artistic endeavors have amounted to a very unique career and life, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share feelings in myself that are so universal. We’ve all been hurt and experienced the same pain, just in different ways, and likewise have known tremendous moments of happiness along the way. Some have described my music as spiritual, and I definitely like lifting people up through my songs. It’s always a great feeling knowing that something I’ve written and sung can bring out the best in people.”

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