1. 'On Time'

From the recording On Time

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On Time


You're ever dreamed of, you're all I've ever wanted in my life
I know no one's perfect I know how hard you try to make me happy
The way you kiss my hand, you know that drives me crazy
The smile you leave behind, I dream and just wanna be lazy
I never ever thought I’d find someone sweeter than me
With you I leave behind all my negativity

But all I ask is to be on time
I need you to be on time baby
Cause it really drives me wild
So please, please be on time

You always say goodnight even though I know you’re busy
You say the sweetest things to me even when I’m really angry
Baby no one needs to tell me, I know I’m really lucky
You’re always true to me, you know I love your loyalty


Tick tock
The clock is tickin’
Tick tock my head is flippin’
Tick tock I’m here just waiting 2x

..I’m waiting baby