Irresistibly combining raw, unbridled sensuality with a rich, soulful voice that her thousands of excited fans have compared favorably to everyone from Aretha Franklin to Sade.  Philippine born, Chicago bred L.A. transplant Tey is truly a musical citizen of the world. Tapping into the passions of grooving R&B fans across the globe, Tey’s infectious soul/pop vibe has been a mainstay in DJ record pools and a hit on internet and terrestrial radio stations across the U.S. (from New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, and Pennsylvania to Texas and California) and Europe since the release of her sexy dance-oriented debut Take Me High in 2004. Working with hit pop producer Rene Van Verseveld (whose credits include the smash hit ‘Pump Up The Jam’ and numerous projects by Enrique Iglesias and the likes), Tey has kept her integrity as an indie artist strong while building career momentum with a her follow-up releases, including a mostly Tagalog language CD (with the hit English single ‘Mouthful of Love’) and her 2006 disc ‘That’s How I Feel Tonight’ (which included a critically acclaimed cover of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’). The title track from Tey’s latest 4-song EP ‘Tell Me’ hit the Top 10 on stations like Reading, PA’s WXAC, rising among hits by superstars like Alicia Keys, J. Holiday and Lil Wayne. The EP also features a dreamy, seductive hip-hop take on ‘I Will Always Love You’. A big draw wherever she performs, Tey has sung and danced for audiences throughout her adopted home state of California, including popular Southern California venues like B.B. Kings, The Derby, The Joint, The Pomona Fairplex, Knott’s Berry Farm’s C.M. Schulz Theater, and Hollywood Park Casino.

In 2007, the multi-faceted singer, dancer, model and actress whom United Global Artists calls “an entertainment enigma that defies description” left her home base and was a smash hit entertaining U.S. troops (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) in six countries, including three military bases in a heavily war-torn Afghanistan (where she did combat landings and wore a bulletproof vest), the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kyrgystan and Djibouti, Africa. Winning over crowds wherever she and her band and crew of dancers performed, she earned numerous raves from the U.S. Armed Services, who said, “Tey combines a voice as rich as dark chocolate with a look that could melt even Chicago’s notorious ice. From Aretha to Sade, her vocal stylings range from brassy R&B to seductively cool.”

Tey says, “Everyone has different opinions on the wars going on, but my tour was all about realizing that the men and women fighting over there are real people who have feelings, needs and truly need connection with people. It was refreshing for them to see us perform in civilian clothing, and we were able to bring some joy and fun to them while reminding them of home. Though she grew up with great musical ambitions driven by her love for everyone from Aretha and Barbra Streisand to Sade, Natalie Merchant, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston, Tey began her career as a model, winning Miss Asia Midwest and quickly segued into acting. Launching her film career with “Broken Rose”, Tey has also been in the films Shoe Shine Boys, Snuffing Cinderella and X’s & O’s; she loves both comedic roles and those who allow her to play dark characters. She also hit the road with “Aspects”, a two person show that promoted diversity.

While her talent and ambitions in many art forms clearly knows no bounds, she’s also a promotional whiz and entrepreneur who has marketed her brand with products like hats, guitar picks, posters, and T-shirts and such—Tey’s truest heart lies in bringing the world joy through her unique music. She’s truly lived up to Music Connection’s billing of her as “one of the top hot artists of the year” when the publication heard her early albums. “Working with Rene in the studio has helped me become very comfortable in the studio and has brought out my softer vocal instincts,” she says. “I think all of my artistic endeavors have amounted to a very unique career and life, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share feelings in myself that are so universal. We’ve all been hurt and experienced the same pain, just in different ways, and likewise have known tremendous moments of happiness along the way. Some have described my music as spiritual, and I definitely like lifting people up through my songs. It’s always a great feeling knowing that something I’ve written and sung can bring out the best in people. 

Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sexuality and palpable soulful influence.." - MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE who names Tey "One of TOP HOT Artists of the Year!!!"


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Join Tey from ANYWHERE via Zoom for a Meditative Flow class (A traditional system that naturally aims for union with Self (body, mind, spirit) by creating a healthy body and mind that leads to spiritual involvement. This classical practice boosts the immune system, reduces stress, and promotes and overall feeling of well-being).

A devoted yoga practitioner for the past 30 years, Tey appreciates the opportunity to share the benefits of yoga with her students.  “Yoga is great for toning the body and the mind,” Tey explains.  “And it’s wonderful for helping you to connect to your inner self.”

A Chicago native who recently returned to the area after several years on the West Coast, Tey brings a wealth of experience to her teaching – including certification from The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in southeastern New York.  “Teacher training helped deepen my practice all the more,” Tey says.  “And the beauty is – I’m always learning from my students.  We teach each other.”

Tey extols the virtues of coming together to do yoga in a class environment.  “We get so caught up in our busy schedules, and doing the asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing) together in class gives us a feeling of peace and connectedness,” she explains.  “When we say ‘Om’ in class, it reminds us that we really are all one.”

When asked what words of wisdom she’d give to those who are intimidated by the prospect of doing yoga, Tey feels that some think it’s more complicated than it actually is.  “I ask them to do a simple stretch, and, when they do, I let them know they’re doing yoga,” Tey explains. “Anything that gets the blood flowing to any part of the body and anything that helps us connect to our breath is yoga.”

Tey says it’s all about making the yoga studio a non-threatening, non-judgmental place.  “I want students to come to class knowing that they have a space where there they can let go of ego, let go of fear and live in the moment,” Tey explains.  “When we experience detachment and living in the moment on the mat in class – it’s easier to take that same feeling of detachment and peacefulness back out into the world.” - Carolyn Wynne Brandt






















fun facts..

Tey came to the States as a child and grew up in Chicago. She spent her youth there with her three brothers, and attended both catholic and technical school. She also grew up with a cornucopia of animals, fish, pigs, dogs, rabbits and cows. Tey's taste in music runs the gamut, she likes it all, even country. Her vocal stylings reminds listeners of some of some her favorites like; Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand, Sade, Natalie Merchant, not bad company to be in especially when you sound like Tey. Not to mention she has a falsetto and she knows how to use it. Tey is girl that loves chocolate (dark with almonds), books, music, comfy blankets, did we mention chocolate and books, well let's mention them again. This girl can go through more chocolate than the Hershey's factory, and always remains looking stellar. But don't give her frog legs and flying fish liver, if it lives on earth, doesn't have wings, and tries to get airborne, she may not like the way it tastes. Tey constantly reads and writes music. She has been writing as long as she can remember, the first song she ever wrote was "Come Fly With Me". Her favorite color is white. Tey likes things decorated in white as well, she says it's what heaven is depicted like. Depicted is the word she used. Tey doesn't claim to be a daddy's girl, but she does claim to be a Chi-town girl. As a world traveler, one of her favorite places is the 64th floor of the Renaissance Hotel in Detroit where you have the view of both the city of Detroit, Canada and the water. She says you couldn't ask for more. "I think just seeing the world from the top is incredible." When asked about what nicknames she has, the answer- none. Just Tey. But not before joking about it. Tey's sense of humor and attitude are like half sunshine and half moonshine. In everything her aura of positivity comes through, just listen to her songs. There is a unique quality to her that will no doubt keep her at the top of the world. She also says temper and patience are her strongest points but they are also her weaknesses ..hmm go figure. Amongst the songs she wished she would have wrote are "My Prayer and On&On". More so she hopes that someday someone will say that about her songs. Everyone knows in California you're bound to get an earthquake or two, which tops the list of strangest things she has ever seen. Tey says she woke up in the middle of the night and the walls were dancing, and not to one of her remixes. "I thought I was dreaming or going insane, I've never been in the middle of that."

Focus is very important to Tey as well. She focuses on the present and everyday furthers her own abilities and discovers more of her talents which she says is one of the most amazing things about life. Her work ethic is stellar. Try to catch her with just five minutes to herself, good luck! When asked about believing in supernatural things she says she always has, and when asked where she saw herself in five years." I'd have a perfect home with no annoying neighbors, have 5 platinum records, at least one a year, have traveled the world, have a fast car and a fast boat, and be with a strong man cause 'it takes a strong man to carry a strong woman'.

Now Tey's talents don't just stop at music, she is also a starlet. Tey has been acting since she was waist high to a dandylion. She likes the comedic roles, and dark characters. Among her dream roles are cat woman, wonder woman, joan of arc, or lucy (I love lucy). Which is fitting since she loves romantic comedies so much. Tey wears one more hat as well, she models! As if you couldn't tell. When asked if she could choose to be successful in just one field she said, "super successful acting career but can we say that on my music website?" Here's something that we can and definitely will say, fastlane. Tey would rather jump out of a plane than race a car, she digs roller coasters and prefers no panties. Now among some of her achievements she has gotten these accolades; best actress, class brain, best costume, and miss Asia Midwest. She is still working on winning the lottery. (this is an excerpt from my interview with Tey) Finish these sentences?

In the dead of night- I love the peace and the mystery it brings

When I look in the mirror- I thank god for who and what I see.

When people litter I - see selfishness

When I go to bed I- feel comfort, it's home

When I am at work I- feel home also

These thoughts occupy my mind all day- love, life, my art

These thoughts occupy my subconscious all day- afterlife, love, life, my art :)

I like to dream these things in my sleep- a better world, higher thinking

Velvet is already a given, so silk or polyester or velour? velour

Where did you receive your professional training for all music acting and modeling? I've trained with pat willenborg, peter henry schroeder, howard fine, kasey rogers, and much much more but everyday life and traveling, and people that i have worked with I learn from everyday

What things keep you in shape? yoga, hiking, dancing, singing, boxing, swimming, rollerblading, lots and lots of water, i like to do everything i can to keep in shape, i get bored of doing only one thing. so next week if might be scuba diving, kung fu, and the week after if may be ice hockey, or wrestling.

Is there anything about you that you would change? no, we have to embrace even our imperfections

If you could do it all over again, would you? And what would you do different? i'm happy and i'm blessed, i wouldn't have it any other way

What do you think it is like to be a man in the world? it's a burden at times with much responsibility, but they also have more sexual freedom

Where do you see women in sense of things in the world? women rule

Moonlight or sunlight? love them both. love moonlight cause it's romantic and mysterious. sunlight cause of it's energy and new hopes and new dreams

What better place to leave off than new hopes and dreams and that is where we will leave it. Tey says stay tuned into her page for more updates and news, she does this for you all, the fans, and couldn't do it without you her Tey-niacs.

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