I HAD 2 YOGA INSTRUCTORS practicing gentler yoga

I had two yoga instructors come to the 6am All-Levels yoga class on Monday.  So far they have been coming on a regular basis.  I go to their classes as well.  But guess what.. we (all three of us) do not take any asana (yoga pose) more deeply than our bodies are ready for.  Yoga teachers know best that yoga isn’t about tiring out the body, nor is it about how deeply we can stretch, or show off.  We know that yoga is a way of movement.  Not just in classes, but in our every movement.  In the way we sit.  Stand.  Lift.  Pause.  It is in the way we carry ourselves as we go from the bed to the bathroom.  In and out of the car.  It is in the way we move our bodies too, as we teach.  So please, practice with care.  Practice with love for your body.  And most of all: PRACTICE.

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