Selections from Tey and Tina Lambert are included in a musically diverse collection entitled “The Sounds of Christmas 2009”, but there are also selections from more well-known musicians such as former Styx keyboardist Dennis DeYoung, Richard Marx, Stephen Bishop, and the wacky ACDC “tribute” band Hayseed Dixie. The CD is a mixed bag in terms of quality and interest, but the recitation of “Good King Wenceslas” by William Shatner that brings the whole thing to an end is beyond comment. Or comprehension.” - Dr. Christmas / Dr. Gerry Grzyb

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Went to my mailbox the other day and was surprised to see a press kit from one of my favorite “finds”. A few years back I had stumbled across a lovely singer named Tey Punsalan who blew me away with her great voice and jaw dropping beauty. I became a fan right away and was convinced this was a star just ready to blossom. But the American music industry is extremely fickle. Think of how many stars were just a bit of ahead of thier time. While we can embrace white and black artists,other equally talented artists who don’t quite fit in or linger just outside of the mainstream simply don’t get the chance to shine. Let me be quite plain here….I have been in the music business for 20 years,12 as a talent buyer,8 as a music journalist. I have seen acts come and go,flashes in the pan,one hit wonders,cookie cutters deluxe. Tey Punsalan should be a major star. Its a real damn shame she is not,while we get crap like American Idol and other cookie cutter crap,a real talent who can do it all…..pop,dance,ballads and write her own songs struggles to be heard. She is one of the hardest working artists I have met. Now Tey has a new CD out called “On MyWay To Me”. Starting with the amazing and ironic cover of Tey standing to power lines,one this album,Tey decides to strip her sound to sparse acoustics. The goal is to showcase both Tey’s vocals and songwriting. Add in some tasty covers and you have a beautifully sounding effort. The title track,a young woman’s brave choice to live her life her way is a strong way to start the album. On “I Wonder” a ballad about commitment features some nice quirky guitar changes by Tey. The hook is very gentle and alluring. “Sex on the Beach” might have worked a bit better as a dance number but still works as a slow jam. The vocals are clean and sexy in an adult way. You don’t hear this very often in today’s music no matter what the genre is. The other six songs includes a sultry cover of George Michael’s “Faith”. Tey wrote or co-wrote 6 of the 10 songs on this CD,showcasing her feel for songwriting. You really should yourself a favor and order this CD and take a chance on one hell of a talented young lady. One of the best albums of the year.” - Michael Sullivan


In a beautiful, if somewhat brief set, pop sensation Tey pays a soulful tribute to the season, beginning and ending with the sweet title cut Christmas Is Easy When Love's Around. As a vocal stylist, Tey definitely delivers, with an evocative and breathy phrasing that wrings emotion from every line. I liked the set she chose: in addition to her own song, she includes a nice set of popular favorites, of which my favorite was her rendition of Silver Bells. If Carol were reviewing this title, she might be calling for about three more tracks. But for me, any line-up of holiday favorites that doesn't include Silent Night is an instant winner. Tey hits just the right note with this just-longer-than-EP-length Christmas is Easy When Love's Around.” - Richard Banks

Soulful music from a beautiful woman. Very rare does beauty, musical talent and natural attraction all work so well with one person. Tey is a raw talent. A multi dimentional artist with a goal in mind to give the world a little bit of her world. Initially, you are caught by her beauty not realizing there is so much more behind this young lady. As I listened to many of her songs I noticed how she pays homage to the old R&B classics while adder herself. Only a try lover of music and artist can make you feel so good to listen to her. We expect a lot from Tey over the next few months. It is going to be a wonderful treat to see what else she has in store for our listening pleasure. You can turn off the radio and just pop in your mp3 player and sit back and enjoy what Tey has to offer.” - Shinobi

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Tey Punsalan is more than a pretty face. This lady is a talented Pop / R&B artist who came into my life earlier on this year when I came across her on My Space. We then made contact and Tey kindly sent over one of her albums and a single for review. I enjoyed both and there was only one thing left to do and that was interview this cool lady. Here's what Tey has to say for herself. Street Voice: First off Tey can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a little about yourself please? My manager calls me BOLD, a bold artist i mean :-) meaning I'm not afraid to show my feelings, I'm not afraid to be sexy or sad. Street Voice: So what inspired you to start playing the music that you do? I LOVE all sorts of music which makes it tough to choose a particular genre, so i guess i just go with my instincts and they are usually right, right for me at least :-) Street Voice: If you had the choice of one artist to share a stage with who would it be and why? Wow.. Well it would just be amazing to be onstage with my heroes such as Sade, Bob Dylan, Streisand, Patti La Belle, Natalie Merchant, Sarah Mclachlan, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Prince. Street Voice: Where do you get your ideas for your lyrics? A lot of times, it's from what I see, and hear, and read, and watch, and experience. Street Voice: I believe you've released one album and a couple of singles but are there plans to release anything new in 2009? I actually have 4 full albums and a single. I am working on an acoustic album to be released in 2009. Street Voice: Where can people outside the USA/Canada pick these releases up from? The web is worldwide so all my songs are definitely downloadable through itunes and such. You can get them physically all over the globe. For example they're 19 stores in Australia that have my CD, 3 stores in Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Equador, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Guam, Singapore, South Africa, etc.. Lots of them independent stores.. Street Voice: You're a very well travelled lady so would it be easier to tell us where you haven't been but would like to go? I was supposed to have some shows in Costa Rica, Greece i hear is amazing, Egypt for sure, and should i go on and on? :) oh and i was looking at a flat in the UK the last time I was there :-) Street Voice: I believe you've played in Europe so how does the audience compare here to that of the USA/Canada? That's a tough questions since I don't want to offend any fans.. Cause i certainly love performing to them all.. But i would surely loooove to be back in Europe soon! Street Voice: In your own opinion what has been the best show you've played to date? Best show? Ok, another very tough question since i have amazing shows all the time! Hmmmm! I'll have to say the most memorable one was when our stage was the back of a huge truck, i had sand bags as my way up the stage, dirt all over the place in my white dress, i had to knock to get out of what we called the dressing room cause i had soldiers guarding it, and a tiny mirror to boot :-) Street Voice: You're a hot looking lady with plenty of talent so when are you heading to the UK so we can go out for dinner? Soon as this interview is over :-) Now that would make my day:-) Street Voice: Aside from your music what other things are important to you? My family, and my sanity :-) Street Voice: So what plans do you have for the rest of 2009? Finishing up this CD and touring the States and hopefully Europe again. Street Voice: Anything you'd like to add? Like I always say.. 'I am truly nothing without the listener". So please.. Keep listening.. Always :-) Thanks to Tey for doing the interview. If you like Pop / R&B tunes then you should give this cool lady a listen. It's great to see a commercial artist come through who's the real deal. I love Tey Punsalan and so should you!” - Street Voice

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RnB/Pop/Trance. So ganz brandneu ist dieses Album zwar nicht mehr, wurde bisher jedoch noch nicht in Deutschland veröffentlicht. Tey aus den Staaten setzt auf die eher sanften Töne und verzichtet auf zu überladene Beats. Tey beginnt ihr Album im Soul-Bereich und liefert eine gelungene Coverversion von "Sexual healing" ab; anschließend taucht sie dann zunehmend in den House- und Trancebereich, der insbesondere in Lounges und Dance-Clubs Anklang finden dürfte. Ganz nett und chillig. (Ilka) TRANSLATION: This album is entirely brand-new to us, it was published previously but did not reach Germany until now. Tey from out of the country sets on the rather soft tones and forgoes to overloaded Beats. Tey begins its album in the Soul area and delivers a gelungene cover version of "sexual healing" it subsequently immerses then increasingly in the House- and trance area, that would be allowed to find accord especially in Lounges and Dance clubs. Very nice and chilling.”

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loves "Sexual Healing" so she's helping Tey with a contest to win a TeyMusic gift basket! see:” - Thai

Who are your influences? TEY: sade, natalie merchant, patti labelle, barbara streisand, dolly parton, aretha franklin, mary j. blige, sara mclaughlin, and many many more What are your rehearsals generally like? TEY: rehearsals give us all a chance to discover new things, new ways of performing a song as well as honing our craft. rehearsals should be lots of fun for the most part. because music is truly the "language of the soul" Was the opportunity to perform for the troops a changing experience? TEY: definitely! it changed me in more ways than one. personally, professionally, spiritually, politically, lovingly :) all in a good way. i definitely would not trade the experience for anything. it was an experience of a lifetime. What inspires your songwriting? TEY: life, love, people, movies, books, poetry, musical heroes such as bob dylan, natalie merchant, sade, patti labelle, aretha franklin, i can keep going and going :) Are your fans supportive? TEY: my fans are incredibly supportive! i always say.. "i am nothing without the listener". and i certainly have wonderful listeners. Was it hard to be discovered? What advice would you give to those trying to reach discovery? TEY: it certainly takes hard work! in your art, in every part of your career. my advice would be to work your butt off!!! in your art and in every part of your career.. to be yourself, to be honest with yourself and others, to always reinvent yourself, don't be afraid of changes, and to have people around you whom you can trust. always treat others as you want to be treated and be on time! and do as you say.. always! On the fashion side of things, how would you compare your personal style to your performance style or is there no difference? TEY: my personal and performance style coincide with one another. after all i always have to be myself. i am definitely eccentric in my style and yet feminine and comfortable. although i don't wear high heels and stiletto boots at family gatherings and the grocery store :) How do you bring your Filipino (did I use the correct term) culture to the stage? TEY: i try to perform at least one song with some "tagalog" in it. i love to share my filipino culture because i think it's a gift. and it's amazing how well my audience really appreciate it. i'm never surprised when they enjoy my tagalog songs more.. and buy my tagalog cd's as well. Is there anyone you wish to thank for emotional of financial support? TEY: i have a long list.. my family and friends of course. everyone who is in the teymusic team. we work amazing well together with so much love and respect for one another. my listeners of course because without them i wouldn't be doing what i do. all who have inspired me.. including many of my friends. i appreciate each and everyone of the people who have touched my heart and soul. including you :) love always..” - Rachel

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